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History of Harry Banis


Harry Banis Sr. began as a diesel specialist for himself in Bussum. A work place of +/- 4 by 4 meters and a tent on the façade and roof to tinker bottom of cars.

After a few years he acquired Spiegeldwarsstraat 10 as a house without a garage as a workshop. The activities were expanded with the specialty automotive electronics and moments later the wholesale business in car parts and tools.



The Spiegeldwarsstraat 10 was thoroughly renovated and expanded.


The branches in Huizen open on the Lindenlaan and later (1981) on the Ambachtsweg.


The branche in Almere was launched after a pioneering stage of 2 years from Bussum.


The recognition followed for quality of Robert Bosch Germany and diesel specialist with a worldwide competition held, we achieved a shared 9th place.


Both sons Harry and Ronald followed in the footsteps of their father with the acquisition of the entire company.


The branches in Huizen was moved to the new building on Ambachtsweg 4.


The branche in Almere was a doubling of warehouse space and a new shop.


The purchase of the ultramodern Bosch diesel test bench EPS 815.


Purchasing heart ridge second stage injector tester and common rail injector tester for Bosch, Denso and Siemens.

The purchase of common rail and VP pump (high pressure) test equipment for Bosch applications.

Purchasing Hartridge AVM test bench includes two PC Denso and Delphi common rail test equipment.


The purchase of Bosch common rail test equipment for Bosch injectors.


The purchase Hartridge test bench for Bosch, Denso, Siemens and Delphi common rail injectors.

With this investment we can all occurring common rail injectors test and where possible repair.

50 Years Harry Banis BV

April one 1957 began Harry Banis sr. For themselves. Now, 50 years later, Harry Banis BV has grown into a thriving company with still specializing in diesel technology.

Of course we celebrated this festive event all together.

Below are the pictures of former director Harry Banis sr., With his wife and current director Harry Banis jr., Together with the art of the past and the technology of today.


Making a cleanroom (dust free space) for review and testing common-rail injectors


New look of the branches, colors and custom text.

Purchase of the Bosch EPS 708 common rail test bench (1st from Netherlands)


Construction and optimization of the Diesel Division. Hyperbaric and airconditioning provide dust-free environment.

Revision and testing Denso common rail injectors to the high Japanese standard.


Rebuild completed, this can be seen in the virtual tour.

Denso certified.


Launch new website.


Purchase of the latest ASNU fuel injector cleaner and tester, this to replace the current one.

Purchase of the advanced Flashcleaner particulate filter cleaner machine.

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