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Harry Banis BV; the wholesaler for cars

Harry Banis BV is the specialist in car parts.

With brands such as, Bosch, Delphi, Denso, VDO, Hella, LUK, SKF and Gates we have a balanced range of original parts.

Many product groups also have a large wide-range exchange parts, thinking of car batteries, starters, alternators, injectors, diesel fuel pumps, fuel injectors, drive shafts, brake calipers etc, etc.

Prompt delivery is guaranteed by a very wide stock of three warehouses, a mutual logistics and several times a day delivery by our suppliers.

We use multiple databases for parts with license plate recognition. For orders to our suppliers we use fast Internet solutions enabling the retrieval of stock at our suppliers immediately, so that we can directly answer you regarding delivery times if needed article is unfortunately not available.


Bosch Delphi
Denso Bosal Mann Filter
Hella MPM Gates
SKF Luk logo
Tengtools ATE Monroe





Bosch, Delphi, VDO, Denso, Bosal, Mann filter, Hella, MPM,Gates, SKF, Kavo, LUK, Tengtools, Ate, Monroe, Moog, Lemförder, Beta

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