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Bosch Diesel Center

Harry Banis BV as Bosch Diesel Center top specialist for all diesel systems. We repair, overhaul and maintenance of diesel technology for over fifty years.

Our performs highly specialized workshop with Bosch trained personnel, diagnoses from all diesel systems, Bosch and other brands, the latest test and measurement techniques. Our workshop is distinguished by highly qualified personnel and first-class technical equipment.

Bosch Diesel Center is brand independent and can support you at all diesel issue. Based on our comprehensive diagnosis we can accurately report how a diesel problem can be solved. This may be by repair, replacement, or revision of a component. You can count on an efficient and sustainable solution. We can also provide you with exchange parts, so you are guaranteed mobility.

Harry Banis BV is your contact for all your questions about your diesel car and in particular to:

  • repair of all diesel systems and components offered by Bosch
  • testing, tuning and repair of all line and distributor injection pumps from Bosch (also electronically controlled variants VE and VR).
  • diagnostic and repair all diesel injection systems at high pressure Bosch (UI, UP and CR)
  • customer service and warranty work on all diesel systems
  • the repair of other than Bosch systems
  • testing and optimizing performance and consumption
  • the study of gases in accordance with the legal requirements

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