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Renowned diesel and electricity specialists have joined under the name DiagnoseXperts by wholesalers organized Groupauto to cooperate. They bring their technical knowledge and link it to the logistics capabilities of the wholesalers. One of these specialists is Harry Banis BV.

Their workshops are fully equipped to diagnose problems: they have the right knowledge, equipment and experience to find malfunctions and correct, where a garage is not true in some cases.

Diagnosis help for dealers and universal

Not all garages have ties with a diagnostic specialist. Yet they can not increasingly shooting each fault. With the current (electro) technique, this is becoming more common. A high repair bill by much loss of time, a car and an invoice from an approved dealer are often the result. And if the fault is ultimately resolved, the mechanic itself has nothing learned. However, it can be different.

Solving problems accounted for diagnosis

Some failures the wholesaler in his workshop can solve itself. For really tough cases, everyone needs a specialist. The DiagnoseXperts can diagnose virtually any car. Harry Banis BV is a Bosch Diesel Center, a Delphi Diesel Centre and Denso Diesel Specialist.

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