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Dieselspecialist Harry Banis BV


Harry Banis BV belongs to the top of diesel specialists in the Netherlands.

The diesel division of Harry Banis BV is located at Bussum.
You can take a look online at our workshop here.

We have a professional workshop with the most modern test stands from Bosch and Hartridge for repair, overhaul and adjustment of fuel pumps, injectors and unit injectors (UI) from Bosch, Denso, Delphi en VDO. With this equipment we can repair most of the diesel fuel system components.

Exchange system

In addition to repair of diesel components, you can also contact us for a detailed stock exchange components.
This exchange components by Harry Banis BV remanufactured components which replaced all slijtagegevoele parts.

  1. line fuel pumps
  2. Distributor fuel pumps
  3. Verstuivers
  4. Common Rail fuel pumps
  5. Common rail fuel injectors
  6. Pump Nozzles (UI)

Hartridge AVM-2Hartridge CRI-PCBosch EPS 708Bosch EPS 815

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