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Cleaning of gasoline injectors at Harry Banis BV

Lucas asnu testWhat does injectors do

he fuel injector of today, the carburetor before. The injector provides, as part of a complex electronic system, for the injection of the correct amount of fuel in the inlet manifold.

De injector opening waar de brandstof doorgaat, is maar enkele micron groot. Tot 120 maal per seconde spuit de injector de juiste hoeveelheid brandstof in het spruitstuk, waar extreme omstandigheden gelden.

What affects the operation

In short - dirt and other deposits.

When working under extremely high temperatures can form deposits around the injector opening. This will cause an irregular spray pattern and wrong in the intake manifold.

Furthermore there is in the injector accumulate attack itself, causing the filter to clog.

Result: too little, not the right amount of fuel. This can result in poor starting, shock and loss of power.

How can this be remedied?

Very simple - replace the injectors! however, this will prove to be a very expensive solution to be. Much is spoken about adding "additives" to gasoline to clean the injectors. This will only have a limited income and can hardly be controlled.

The current production method of the injector makes it suitable to go with more than 200,000 km. Electronic or mechanical malfunction of the injector will be rare.

By Lucas ASNU ultrasonic system and the specially designed cleaning process injectors are brought back in new condition. 
We are in possession of the latest model (2016) ASNU fuel injector cleaner and analyzer.

Moreover, we can the operation of the injectors, before and after cleaning, see, monitor and compare. This gives the assurance that the injectors can function again optimally.

For Bosch Piezo, Siemens VDO piezo and of course as usual both direct injection injectors and conventional injectors.

Cleaning the injectors at Harry Banis BV

If you want to clean your fuel injectors make an appointment at Harry Banis BV.
In consultation you can choose to have it cleaned already out of the car disassembled injectors, but of course we can also take care of the assembly and disassembly of the injectors.

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