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Common Rail Pumps

The injection system of diesel engines to meet increasingly higher demands.

The ever-increasing pressure, faster switching times and a flexible adaptation of the injection process to the operating condition of the engine, the diesel engine make economical, clean and powerful. The biggest advantage of the common rail system lies in the numerous possibilities of variation in the control of the injection process and the injection timing. This is achieved by disconnecting the pressure development and the injection.

The different high-pressure system components in the engine compartment are connected to an electronic control unit. Error Causes be localized diagnosis of the entire diesel system. Through a targeted repair the defective components with new or replacement part will be corrected the error.. 

Repair of high pressure fuel pumps

Harry Banis BV has full equipment for testing common rail high-pressure pumps. is a highly accurate and precise working method required for the repair.

Harry Banis BV has full equipment for testing of pumps:

  1. Bosch
  2. Denso
  3. VDO
  4. Delphi

Common-rail pomp op testbank Harry Banis BVWerkplaats Harry Banis BV

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