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Vehicle Diagnosis

Vehicle Diagnostics is another part of our diesel specialization.

As diesel specialist, we also have the most modern electronic diesel systems, training, software and equipment in the house. Our workshop is distinguished by highly qualified personnel and first-class technical equipment.
You can contact us to make an appointment to identify your fault in the car and solve! After diagnosis, we can repair your car.

Bosch Diesel Center and DiagnoseXpert

​Harry Banis BV as Bosch Diesel Center and DiagnoseXpert specializes in diesel and automotive electronics as EOBD. With over 60 years of experience we have become a regional player in repairing vehicles. For quality parts in diesel, we work together with Bosch, Denso, Delphi and VDO.

Regular software updates and extensive training of our technicians guarantee a correct diagnosis and solving problems diesel.

For reading self-diagnosis systems, we have:

Harry Banis BV Bosch Diesel Center KTS 570

Harry Banis BV Delphi

Delphi Diamand

Harry Banis BV Denso

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